with every christmas card I write...

In our now very modern world of technology and gadgets you would think it impossible that the modest traditional Christmas card would still be so popular! Although sending a card does require a greater amount of effort than simply sending a text message or email, you can't deny a card has more thought and meaning. Thats why we like the idea that someone has picked a card and thought about you! There is something very nostalgic and pleasing about writing a card, sticking on a postage stamp (a christmas one of course) and popping it in a red post box! A simple and easy process, which gives a satisfying and warm feeling. In the run down to Christmas receiving a card is a lovely and thoughtful gesture to let someone know you are thinking of them at this time of year. As children we always loved opening the brightly coloured envelopes, to reveal an array of different designs. These were then always hung from string, which our Dad had attached from one side of the room to the other and by Christmas Eve there was quite a collection! 

The selection of card designs out there is vast and we think it is important to pick the right card for the right person. Designs and themes can range from humour, to cute and kitch, glitter, glitter and more glitter, traditional, scenic winter landscapes, modern and simple, charity cards, typographic, food... we could literally go on and on! The best tip we can give you, make sure before buying your cards to write a list of everyone you intend to send a card to (and maybe buy a few extra just in case you forget anyone!) there is nothing worse than running out of cards when you are in card writing mode. Our second tip, invest in a good quality pen and get practicing your handwriting. Now we all type on screens and keyboards constantly, so lets just say the handwriting skills might be a little rusty! Our final words of wisdom, don't leave it until the last minute to send out your cards, you don't want people to receive them on Christmas Eve! 

Christmas wishes Not on the highstreet £2.90 / Leap through the snow John Lewis £4 / 
Pea and pud Clinton cards £2.99 / Ski cat Paperchase £2.25 / Reindeer Whsmith £2.75 / Tinsel and elf M&S £5  

Sarah and Holly


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