the stockings were hung by the chimney with care..

Hanging stockings from the fireplace is a lovely tradition that as children we loved. We had knitted, fairisle, patterned stockings with our names stitched on them! (we will try and instagram these as we still have them!) These are unpacked from the storage boxes every year and they are a reminder to us both of all our Christmas memories! But these don't have to be purely decoration or for children either! Stockings can be a great alternative to using a gift bag and the stocking is also a bonus present! Pick a stocking that reflects the receiver of the presents or personalise by adding a name or adding your own additional decorations!

There are so many great stocking filler present options, that can fill the "christmas sock" with some exciting and fun treats! Chocolate coins, fun gadgets, socks, gloves are a few ideas but you can add anything you want! Why not pick a stocking out for all your loved ones and instead of giving expensive, large gifts choose lots of smaller, personal and special items that can fill the stocking right to the top. Or if you still fancy splashing out (it is the one time of year we all feel like we can) and are worried that the stockings size will restrict your options, then opt for a giant one! There are some out there too! Just maybe don't try hanging this one from the fireplace! 

Deer stocking Sasse & Belle £9.50 / Grey stripe stocking This modern life £25 / 
Knitted stocking Not on the highstreet £15.99 / Penguin stocking M&S £15 / 
Extra large stocking Not on the highstreet £17.50 / Animal print stocking John Lewis £12 

Sarah and Holly


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