the christmas jumper

In recent years Christmas jumpers have become extremely popular and we really do mean popular! Before the new craze began a few years ago Christmas jumpers for us conjured up visions of cheesy 80's Christmas music videos, crazy patterned prints, itchy fabrics and families in matching jumpers on Christmas cards. These stereotypes are long gone with the jumpers back in force in the shops with new, edgy, modern and interesting designs to choose from. 

Now you can pick up a jumper during your weekly food shop at the supermarket. Jumper designs range from the simple and the understated to the kitsch and the bright with all the trimmings, sequins and sparkles you could dream of! We have spotted a few with witty quotes and text too! It seems the Christmas jumper is now a festive staple and makes the perfect and easy outfit choice for office jumper days, parties and of course Christmas Day! (or why not all of December!) 

If you can't find a jumper you like (and you have a spare afternoon) then why not DIY one yourself! Pick up a plain, cheap jumper and head down to your local craft shop. Pop on a Christmas film and go wild with hot glue and decorate to your hearts content! But if you don't have the time or the patience to make one, check out the below items we have picked to help you with this years jumper decision. We have selected a few different styles and designs on the market this year!
Let's 'jump' in! 

Deer jumper Next £32 / Baahumbug Next £32 / Let it snow Asda £16 / 
Mornings New Look £19.99 / Candy cane Topshop £35 / Reindeer Sainsburys £18 

Sarah and Holly

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