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Once the christmas shopping list is ticked off and complete its time to start thinking about how to thoughtfully wrap those important gifts. Just as much thought is needed in wrapping a gift as well as buying it, thats part of the fun of giving. Lets face it, buying the presents is the easy part but starting the mammoth task of wrapping all those presents is not one we look forward to. So why not get creative and enjoy it! There is a huge choice of paper, tapes, bows, tissue paper, string and tags, so you can get as creative as you like. You could stick to traditional colours and imagery or pick on trend designs that use hints of luxurious coppers and metallics. Character based designs, typography, there really is a massive range out there. 

If you are feeling really ambitious what about creating your own paper designs or crafting home made gift tags. If you are not as ambitious as that Sarah & Bendrix did a blog post about their printable designs, check the post out by clicking on the link. You could even incorporate small gifts into your wrapping. Tying a christmas decoration to a bow adds a thoughtful and sentimental touch to a gift. 

We have picked out some of our gift wrapping favourites below. 

Washi Tape Hobbycraft £5.00 / 2M Wrap pack Next £6.00  / 
Large gift bag Paperchase £4.00 / Red film bow John Lewis £2.00 / Personalised gift stamp Not on the high street £17.50 / Sticker Roll Wilkos £1.00

Sarah and Holly


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