feathered friends

Its another animal inspired blog post this week (these are our favourite to write). So, this week's post is a homage to owl inspired homeware, as it seems to have a strong presence on the high street and online. With the winter months finally here and woodland/nature inspired trends influencing homeware, these feathered friends are a prefect addition to a room. Animal inspired pieces seem to stand the test of time and it seems owls are no exception. 

They really do seem to be available in all forms. From lighting, to textiles, to ceramics, it seems you can add owls in to any room in a home. They add a sense of character and personality (and we just love them). We personally love the cute, stylised and illustrative interpretations of these woodland creatures. 

Here are a few of our favourite items. 
We had a hoot picking them out... (we had to..)

Duvet set Debenhams £36-£60 / Soap Dispenser BHS £10 / Cushion Debenhams £ 17.60 / Chalk board Tesco £14.99 / Copper wire owl Habitat £12 / Lamp Dunelm £19.99 / Tea towel John Lewis £12

  Sarah and Holly


it's just a bunch of hocus pocus

October is finally upon us and Halloween is quickly approaching! This month is all about the creepy, the spooky, the scary, the weird and the terrifying! Pumpkin carving and devouring bowls full of sweets are a definite must on our lists! We intend to spend our evenings searching through Netflix for some cheesy, teen, spine chilling horror films (not forgetting Hocus Pocus) and we think it only seems appropriate to decorate the home to create the perfect horrifying atmosphere!

Halloween doesn't have to be all gore and guts for the home though! We are not that keen on adorning our living rooms with cob webs, spiders and bats! Instead we have found some very tasteful and toned down pieces to decorate the home for the halloween season and some we even think you could keep and incorporate all year round! Dare we say some of them are quite cute? 

Are you looking forward to Halloween? 

Cushion Society 6 $20 / Skeleton glasses Mod Cloth $19.99 / 
Skull wall sticker Not on the highstreet £27 / Yankee candle pumpkin melt $1.99 / 
DIY pumpkin garland Pinterest / Pumpkin print Etsy $24

  Sarah and Holly


easy like a sunday morning

The clocks go back tomorrow and we all get an extra hour in bed! (wahoo!) So we think it is vital that we make the most of the additional time and create the perfect, relaxing, lazy Sunday morning! In the colder months we find it much easier to stay in our pyjamas and lounge around in bed without feeling guilty or like we should be using our time more productively! Sunday is the one day of the week when we are able to indulge ourselves with a lie in, knowing all the grown up chores and tasks have been done for the week! 

Once we have woken up naturally (no alarms on a Sunday!) it's time to sort out breakfast in bed! A warm bowl of cinnamon and banana porridge and a hot chocolate is the perfect way to start the day in a special mug and bowl! Making the bed inviting and cosy is vital! Plenty of cushions and some blankets on top of the quilt help to ensure there surely could not be any reason why we would want to venture out! Sunday is usually a Netflix binge watching day but only once we have actually decided what to watch that is!

We have selected some items we think help to create the perfect Sunday morning! 

Duvet set Primark £13 / Cushion Tk Maxx £29.99 / Candle The white company £28 /
Throw Tk Maxx £29.99 / Breakfast bowl M&S £4 / Mug Emma Bridgewater £17.95 / 
Tray Habitat £28 

  Sarah and Holly


autumn glory

We have really embraced autumn on our blog and have posted quite a few seasonal posts recently (we just love this time of year). You might think we are been a bit premature with a post about wreaths (bear with us). But, with Halloween and bonfire night approaching and the season now in full swing we have seen more and more autumnal inspired items appearing on the high street. We think wreaths in particular would be perfect way to to decorate a home. 

Using natural materials and warm autumnal colours these wreaths add a hint of this nostalgic season to both inside and outside the home. We love the mixture of leaves, twigs, fruits and berries.

We think its a nice way to celebrate the change of seasons, the warm and rich colours and materials that represent this time of year.

Here are a few we have picked out...

Leaf wreath Etsy £35 /  Berry wreath Tk Maxx £19.99 / Apple wreath Tk Maxx £24.99 /
 Heart wreath Wilkos £5 / Mug Emma Bridgewater £17.95 / 
Tray Habitat £28 

  Sarah and Holly


they call it puppy love

Growing up we had a pet dog and she was a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a Caine terrier. We had her for 17 years and it is safe to say she was a huge part of our childhood and our lives growing up. We haven't had a pet dog since and instead we have ventured into the world of cats! But this doesn't mean we have lost interest in dogs and in fact in the future we can definitely envisage two (one each) long haired miniature dachshunds, which would be our dream companions (one day!) 

A few weeks ago we published a cat themed blog post and we thought it was only fair to post a dog themed post too. It is safe to say there are many unique items for mans best friend on the highstreet and online. Home ware seems to be inundated with pugs, dachshunds and other pooches. So if you don't like the idea or the responsibility of a real dog, why not indulge in some dog themed home ware instead. We know we will be sneaking in some dachshunds themed pieces in our homes (just don't tell the cats!) 

 Towels BHS £8 / Cushion Anthropologie £39.95 / Totally dotty print Duck and dog £49.95 /
Notebooks John Lewis £6 / Candle holder M&S £12 / Oven glove Debenhams £7 / 
Tea towels Debenhams £14 / Cushion Urban outfitters £50 

  Sarah and Holly


cosy up: winter essentials

We thought for our post this week (and because of the change in weather, its getting pretty chilly out there) that we would pick out some winter essentials. Things that we think will help us to embrace the looming dark nights ahead. So here are some ideas that might help.

Adorn the fireplace or side board with some nostalgic and seasonal candles. We love lighting candles, especially in Autumn and Winter. Our favourite scents are vanilla, cinnamon, cherry, well we like lots really. 

 Add lanterns or fairy lights to a room and make it feel atmospheric and warm. Oliver Bonas have some really pretty copper ones. 

Cuddle up with some big, fluffy cushions or throws (a hot water bottle is also a must!).

Pick out a favourite mug and enjoy a hot drink (we love hot chocolates).

Here are a few of our favourite items that we have found to help us prepare for the cold nights ahead.

Copper string lights Oliver Bonas £9.50 / Large Jar Candle Primark £3.00 / Chevron Throw Next £25 / Hedgehog Mug John Lewis £10 / Cushion Not on the high street £65 / Lantern Wilkos £12

  Sarah and Holly


light up, light up

The darker nights are looming and soon when we get home from work it will be pitch black. The house will feel cold, lifeless and gloomy. It's not Christmas yet (despite the fact it is already everywhere in the shops!) so we don't have the satisfying and fun treat of switching on all the fairy lights just yet! We think lighting helps to create a cosy and warm feeling in the home. Not just the standard floor lamps and table lamps (these are obviously vital) but other fun and interesting pieces, which can be switched on to create an uplifting atmosphere in the evenings. Plus any excuse to add twinkles and sparkles before the festive season is fine by us. 

Decorative light bulbs are an easy way to add a fun feature to an open lampshade and are super on trend! Another affordable item has to these scrabble lights as these are extremely versatile as the set contains 60 interchangeable letter stickers for the 10 light up tiles. These are perfect as the letters can be changed and altered to suit your own personal preference and wording requirements. These would also make a great moving in present or gift. 

These are some other pieces we selected below to add some brightness to your home. 

Tree Next £50 / Scrabble string lights Tesco £19.95 / Decorative light bulb Habitat £10 /
Constellation lamp Asda £15 / Cactus Etsy $125 / And sign Primark £9 / 
Cotton ball string lights The modern life £22.95

  Sarah and Holly


marble mad

Marble is definitely having an impact within homeware at the moment. Combined with coppers and metals this trend can look contemporary and chic. When we think of marble we automatically associate it as an luxurious and expensive item.

But, you can introduce this trend into a home in a more affordable and realistic way. If you fancy embracing your DIY side, why not use a mock effect vinyl or paper and cover an old table top or frame.

We have selected some items from the high street that won't leave you feeling guilty for adding a touch of this classic stone into your home. 

Tables Oliver Bonas £195 / Cushion Not on the high street £22 / Mug Not on the high steet £11.50 / Lamp House of Fraser £120 / Clock Not on the high street £49.99 / Towel Dunelm £5.99 / Plate H&M £6.99 

  Sarah and Holly


a b c it's as easy as, 1 2 3

A Etsy £33 / B Asda £2.50 / C Not on the high street £22

It seems like everywhere we look there are letters and numbers dominating the shops. 
The most iconic and well know copper Oliver Bonas letters spring to mind? Don't we all have one? Or at least want one. But it seems this trend features heavily throughout home ware items. Maybe its a way of personalising your home? Using your initials as an example in your home creates a special and intimate detail. Your home is a way of show casing yourself and your family and letters and numbers are an easy way to add that detail. Or perhaps it is the familiarity of words and letters which is comforting. 


Letters and numbers are also interesting in shape and form and can be introduced 
with other items to create a bold statement. It's not just letters individually. 
Typographic prints can create a strong and adventurous element to your home. 
Abstract and graphic interpretations of letters and text often take on a new form.  Letters which are created into geometric shapes can make exciting pieces of design for your walls.
Take a look at some of our favourite pieces we think would be a great addition
 to any home. 

Yellow poster The modern life £19 / Candle Asda £2 / & Wilkos £5
Love print Etsy from £7.28 / Panda The modern life £20 / Cushion Next £10 
Thanks postcard Paper chase £0.70

  Sarah and Holly


bear love

Bears are one of our favourite animals and they seem to have a huge influence in homeware recently. There are so many lovely illustrations and artworks of bears. We wanted to share some of our favourites that we have seen popping up on the high street and online.  

Illustration styles range from bold and graphic, to cute and stylised characters that seem to have charming personalities. The combination of playful and witty phrases and typography really makes us fall in love with these "unbearable" pieces. 

There's a diverse range of styles and designs and it doesn't have to be something that is incorporated into children's decor. It can be added in a mature and sophisticated manner too, adding a quirky and fun touch to a room. 

Of course, bears are not the only animals influencing home accessories. Why not check out our post about cat inspired homeware. 

We hope you like the items we have selected. 

 Bear cushion George £7 / Bear cushion Next £16 Candle M&S £15 / Print Not on the high street £19 / Ceramic bear Wilkos £4 / Bear plate Paperchase £8.50 / Bear mugs set of 4 George £4

  Sarah and Holly