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The crowning glory of any tree has to be the tree topper. The finishing touch, the star of the show, the icing on the cake if you will! Once the tree has been covered with fairy lights, baubles and ornaments have been hung, tinsel and garlands draped generously over branches, it is finally time to tackle the top of the tree (if you are short like us you might need help with this part!) Traditionally toppers are usually in the form of a star or an angel but any show stopping ornament or even a large bow could be used, just get creative and go wild! 

So lets start with the stars (our personal favourite) The star "really" can shine on the top of the tree with battery operated options available, to create a truly magical and sparkling effect. Stars coated in layers of glitter are always a great choice too, for a truly indulgent and festive tree. But if all this sounds like a little too much glitz and glam, then try a textured or wooden star for a much more natural and toned down look. If modern is more your thing then why not try a copper or wire option (or both!) Now onto angels! These might be a little too traditional for some people but we have found some quirky alternatives, that still maintain and keep the concept of an angel but in an updated way. A cute option we think is a gingerbread angel! The idea of an angel remains but in a fun and different way and gingerbread well you can't get anymore Christmassy can you! Any pet lovers out there? Cat and dog toppers take your fancy? Look around and shop around to find something special! 

Whatever it might be on the top of the tree make sure it adds the wow to the tree! (like the cat!) 

Straw star Not on the hightstreet £12 / White star M&S £10 / Pre lit star Homebase £9.99 / 
Cat Trouva £9.99 / Dog Trouva £9.99 / Rattan star Wilkos £5 / Burlap star Asda £5 / 
Gingerbread fairy Not on the hightstreet £24

Sarah and Holly

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