pets at home

It is estimated in the UK that 8.5 million households have a pet cat (or so Google tells us). As cat owners and cat lovers ourselves we are drawn to all things feline. It seems only fair to adorn the house with tributes to our furry friends. Our pets are an important factor of our home and our home life. They are a part of the family after all. So a few pieces in the house shows appreciation and praise for our beloved companions. 

Lets be honest though, our cats do not really care if we embellish the house in their honour. The truth is they will probably end up scratching or coating any new items in a thick layer of cat hair. However, it seems we are not able to resist these kitty themed pieces.

We are the first to admit though that this might not be to everyones taste but to the 8.5 million of you out there, we think the important factor here is to use humour, joy and fun in your home. 

But on a more serious note, try using some simple, modern and graphic designs and pieces to keep this tasteful and stylish. 

Here are a few of our purrfect picks we found! (Yes we did just say that!) 

Cat lady print Not on the high street £12.50 / Cat cushion Howkapow £34 / 
Black and white double sided cushion Primark £5 / 
Cat mug Not on the high street £10 / Cat bookend H&M £7.99 / 
Cat print Etsy $5.84 / Cat tea towel Hard to find $25

  Sarah and Holly


lets talk geometric

One of the easiest and simple ways to change or update a room is to introduce new shapes and patterns. This doesn't have to mean getting the builders in to knock down walls or dramatically changing the layout of your home. The geometric trend can help incorporate big blocks of bright, bold colours with an array and variety of interesting patterns and lines. Energetic angles and graphic forms can be exciting and dramatic when used in the right way. Shape and form can help create new and exciting areas. Colours applied together can create interesting contrasts. 

Strong lines and bold shapes can ignite some life into your home. It adds a modern and clean look and can be easily acheived by purchasing one main, expensive statement item or by using multiple, smaller, subtle pieces throughout the whole house. The choice and budget is yours! Picking items you would not quickly tire of would be an excellent investment for your home. Keep it simple and you can't go wrong! 

We had a lot of fun selecting the items below and we have to admit once you start looking for geometric inspired pieces it is hard to stop! It really is everywhere! The array of colours and shapes are fun and inspiring! Hence the multiple pieces we have selected below!

 (We particularly love the grey and yellow vase!)

Photo frame Primark £3 / Light shade Tomic & Daly £45 / Chair Argos £129.99 / 
Cushion Asda £7 / Rug Habitat £250

Vase House of Fraser £30 / Cushion Debenhams £28 / 
Bowls House of Fraser £18 - £20 / Soap dispenser Asda £5

  Sarah and Holly


fall into autumn

As the nights start to draw in and the summer season comes to an end, its time to start
thinking ahead to those cosy nights in. A new season is the perfect time to introduce some new elements and items into your home.

Autumn is literally everywhere we look now. Fall inspired this... and autumn/winter that... and we have to admit this does makes us very happy! Autumn is our favourite season. Creating warmth and introducing textures from the outside into the home. Making the house feel loved, inviting and warm as you walk through the door. The addition of a few new pieces celebrates the changing weather and prepares you for those cold winter months ahead. 

But do not fear as Autumn doesn't have to be all about those stereotypical oranges and reds. We are not denying this is wrong if it compliments and works with your current decor. However, we believe it is important to make sure your home will still work the rest of the year by using transitional items that are coherent with your current theme or style. 

Adding some new patterns and textures will add some warmth and spirit and a few new soft cushions thrown on the sofa with a new snuggly throw makes the sofa an autumn haven. Woody browns and some earthy tones allow you to embrace the time of year to the full. We can't deny we will miss the long, light, warm summer nights! But this time of year should be embraced with just a few small changes around the home it might not feel so daunting! 
Lantern Matalan £15 / Wallpaper Wilkos £8 a roll / Cushion John Lewis £25 / 
Stag Asda £8 / Owl candle The Range £2.99/ Throws Debenhams £50 / 
Light shade Asda £8

  Sarah and Holly


adventure is out there

Slogans and quotes have had a huge influence in homeware over the last few years. Its a personal and interesting way of adding a positive and individual touch to a home. 

If you are a keen adventurer or lover of the great outdoors then you may want to add this theme of quotes into your home. Filtered, Instagram inspired photos combined with simple handwritten typography, create graphic and inspiring quotes that would make any one of us want to pack our backpack and go out on an adventure (ourselves included).

Its all about bringing the outdoors indoors and bringing ourselves closer to the beautiful scenery and iconic landscapes that our world has to offer. Its a positive reminder for us all that there is so much out there for us to see and explore. Beautiful sunsets and picturesque scenery seem to personify this trend, with the images remaining photographic and realistic. 

It doesn't all have to be quotes you could incorporate other elements of nature and the idea of exploration. Adding animal inspired pieces could inject a sense of fun to this outdoors inspired theme.

Here are a few pieces we have found that we feel would motivate any one of us to embrace our sense of adventure. 

Framed print Not on the high street £18 / Bedding Primark from £11.50 / Bedding 
George from £12 / Cushion George £8

Bear Cushion Etsy £16 / Wall Plaque Primark £1 / Wolf canvas Primark £2.50
Sarah and Holly


it all starts with a hello

 Welcome to our blog home on the humber. We are two sisters (who happen to be twins) who enjoy all things home. As proud new (ish) home owners living in Yorkshire, we spend most of our free time in homeware shops and online, pinning images on Pinterest and sending links to each other of items we have discovered and love. We want to share our ideas, taste and the trends we are enjoying with you. We both have degrees in creative subjects so we hope we can use this knowledge and our artistic skills to write interesting and fun posts. 

Now we have hit our mid twenties we have discovered a huge love and interest for our homes. Decorating our homes gives us a sense of pride and satisfaction. Nothing makes us happier than coming home after a long day at work to our little havens. After all there is no place like home.

We thought we would create this blog as a way of sharing our ideas and as a creative space to exhibit our ideas. So as we delve into the blogging world our aim for future posts will include trend posts, mood boards, top picks of the week, our favourite home hauls from YouTube, favourite shops, DIY’s, our own hauls, room transformations in our own homes, seasonal fun along with a wide array of other posts. 

You can also follow us on Instagram for more daily updates and photos. There is a link to our Instagram in the about me section. Just click on the Instagram icon to go directly to our profile. 

So as an introduction to the blog we thought it was only fitting to include some hello inspired homeware items for our first post. We hope you will follow us on our new blogging journey and enjoy the posts and ideas we intend to share.

So a big hello from home on the humber! 

Sunshine cushion Spoilt rotten gifts £19.20 / Metal hello sign Primark £3.00 / 
Plate Not on the high street £32 / Orange hello cushion Primark £5.00 / 
Door mat BHS £10 / Hello postcard The modern life £1.50

  Sarah and Holly