put the kettle on

Now we are heading towards the colder months and the winter season, hot drinks for us become a must and necessity. The perfect way to warm up! Cups of hot tea, coffee, cappuccinos... well you get the idea! (we don't need to list them all!) Now we know kettles may not seem like the most exciting or interesting item to talk about but without these appliances we wouldn't be able to snuggle up and enjoy a nice hot beverage on these now darker, cooler days!

Kettles are a functional item but this doesn't mean they can't look stylish sat on the kitchen worktop. If you shop around you can find a variety of different shapes and colours to match your kitchen decor. There is a huge array of kettles out there depending on taste, ranging from copper / rose gold effect to bright and bold colours. Pretty patterns adorn some, while others use a more traditional shape and style! We even found some that change colour as they boil! The choice is yours! Just remember kettles don't have to be dull and boring and you can have a lot of fun deciding which one you want! The humble kettle is used everyday so why not pick one that is just a little bit more exciting! (the smeg one though how cute and available in lots of other colours too!)

Copper kettle Debenhams £110 / Red heart kettle Next £32 / 
Colour change kettle John Lewis £46 / Cuppa kettle Argos £29.99 / 
Smeg pink kettle Currys £99.99 / Cranberry kettle Asda £54.99 

Sarah and Holly

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