by the fireside

Living in a new build or modern home can sometimes be tricky when it comes to furnishing and decorating. Often the rooms can lack features and focal points. Older buildings offer beautiful original and historical features, which add character and charm. Don't get us wrong we love our houses, they are modern, fresh and bright! However, it can be hard to decorate or arrange a room when there is nothing to act as a centre piece! If this is the case then why not treat this as a blank canvas and an opportunity to make your mark and create a space that's right for you. 

A fireplace can be an easy and simple way to add focus within a room as well as creating a much more cosy atmosphere. There are many free standing electric fires to choose from in varying sizes (compact ones are available if you have a small room) as well as various different styles. These are easy to assemble and install as they don't require a chimney and many come already assembled! Just unpack, plug it in and wait for the room to get toasty!

As Christmas approaches we have spotted various images on Pinterest and in magazines of magical, dreamy rooms with roaring fireplaces adorned with stockings and beautiful garlands! (you always want what you don't have) But whatever shape or style room you have, a fire place can be included to create the perfect homely living room. And yes we know these may not be the traditional roaring open fires with logs that we all wish we had but this a good compromise, that is quick and easy to do yourself!

Smeg fire John Lewis £444 / White compact fire Argos £149.99 / 
Black traditional style fire Homebase £399 / Walnut shelf fire Fireplace world £499 /
Stove and surround Very £499 / Cube shelf fire Next £399

Sarah and Holly

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