let's get organised... in the kitchen

We hope you are enjoying the 'let's get organised' series and today we have some more ideas and hacks for the kitchen! The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and with this in mind we believe the kitchen is an important room, which should be well organised, clean and tidy. Here are a few ideas to help create an organised space. Clever over the door storage creates more cupboard space and attaching pieces to the wall frees up valuable worktop space, if a kitchen is on the smaller size. Why not try freestanding shelf units or trolleys with wheels, which can be moved around the kitchen and are a great versatile item. If baked goods (home made or shop bought) are consumed and created frequently in your home then opt for a dome cake stand or cake tins, which can display and store tasty treats and once again frees up cupboard space. 

Organised drawers ensure it is easy to find utensils and tools. No one wants to open up a messy drawer with knives and forks mixed up together. There are expandable options to fit different drawer sizes as well as wooden, metal or plastic options. Planing the weeks meals always seems such a chore but a meal planner or a chalkboard hung in the kitchen helps to plan the week ahead and let's everyone know the weeks menu (without the need to ask you!) We have picked out some items we think will help with an organised kitchen and a more organised life as well as a quote to help inspire you! 

"A place for everything, and everything in its place" - Mrs Beeton (The book of household management) 

 Cake tins Lakeland £36.99 / Trolley Ikea £49 / Steel container Ikea £15 / 
Cutlery tray Habitat £10 / Utensil pot Lakeland £15 / Storage jar Habitat £15 / 
Steel rail Ikea £3.50 / Wall basket storage Ikea £22.50 / Chalkboard Ikea £17

Sarah and Holly


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