let's get organised... thanks for the memories

Today's lets get organised post is about documenting and recording moments and memories. A year might only be 12 months (and maybe it's just us) but when we look back at 2015 we struggle to remember what we did or where we went! Scrapbooks and photo albums are a perfect way to store and keep those fun adventures and events to look back on in years to come. At the end of each month gather together any items that have been saved or print out some of your favourite photographs you have taken. Sit down, put on a film and start arranging a few pages to reflect the month just gone. Washi tape, stickers, instant photos, patterned papers and alphabet stamps work well combined together to create fun and exciting pages. Pinterest and Instagram are perfect places to look for inspiration to get you started! It's a chance to get creative and if you do this month by month you won't forget what you did! 

There are lots of types and styles of scrapbooks out there as well as a brand called project life, which is a simple and easy way to document your life. There are kits and packs available containing postcards and insert cards to help and aid you to easily add text and images to pages. These are great as they add colour, design and fun to page layouts and can be easily incorporated alongside your own photos and keep sakes. Why not give it a go and see how your scrapbook looks at the end of the year. And if a scrapbook doesn't seem like your idea of fun, then why not try out some magnetic photo frames for the fridge and switch the photographs each month. Whatever you decide to do make sure you have something to look back on fondly in the future to remind you of the fun times had and the adventures taken over the years!

Project life pack Hobbycraft £25 / Planets scrapbook Paperchase £16 / 
Camera scrapbook Paperchase £12 / Washi tape Papermash £2.50 / 
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