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When it comes to plants and flowers, there are those of us who manage to keep them alive and there are those of us who forget to water them, overwater them and well just kill them off. Fresh flowers in the home are always a lovely idea but can often be expensive and the pounds soon add up when bought weekly. Plus if you can't keep plants alive then this becomes an extra cost and also such a waste to keep replacing them! We think fake or artificial flowers and plants are an easy option to place around the home to help add some greenery and we say this loosely a 'natural' element to any room. Although we do think this topic is probably like marmite, you will either love the idea of the fake ones or you will hate it and prefer the real, living options. 

If you are willing to try artificial then are lots of fake options available to choose from. These can be easily added to any room without any mess, no need to water or maintain, they are perfect for anyone with allergies and are also pet friendly (although we have seen with our own eyes that cats will try to eat fake plants though!) We would also advise to be quite careful when selecting artificial pieces, as some can often look a little too green or a little too shiny. Try to find some really good quality ones that look as realistic and convincing as a 'fake' plant can look! Most often already come in pots and include gravel and stones for extra decoration. Why not opt for something quirky, like succulents arranged inside a vintage book or a cute hanging glass terrarium. 

So why not try adding some greenery or some brightly coloured flowers to match your room decor, around the house but without the hassle of the real deal!

Peach flowers Not on the highstreet £9.95 / Terrarium globe Fred Aldous £3.96 / 
Succulent mix Blooming artificial £38.39 / Cactus with gravel in glass pot John Lewis £8 / 
Succulents in book Not on the highstreet £29.50 / Succulent in grey pot Farthing £21.50 / 
Grass Ikea £20 

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