a b c it's as easy as, 1 2 3

A Etsy £33 / B Asda £2.50 / C Not on the high street £22

It seems like everywhere we look there are letters and numbers dominating the shops. 
The most iconic and well know copper Oliver Bonas letters spring to mind? Don't we all have one? Or at least want one. But it seems this trend features heavily throughout home ware items. Maybe its a way of personalising your home? Using your initials as an example in your home creates a special and intimate detail. Your home is a way of show casing yourself and your family and letters and numbers are an easy way to add that detail. Or perhaps it is the familiarity of words and letters which is comforting. 


Letters and numbers are also interesting in shape and form and can be introduced 
with other items to create a bold statement. It's not just letters individually. 
Typographic prints can create a strong and adventurous element to your home. 
Abstract and graphic interpretations of letters and text often take on a new form.  Letters which are created into geometric shapes can make exciting pieces of design for your walls.
Take a look at some of our favourite pieces we think would be a great addition
 to any home. 

Yellow poster The modern life £19 / Candle Asda £2 / & Wilkos £5
Love print Etsy from £7.28 / Panda The modern life £20 / Cushion Next £10 
Thanks postcard Paper chase £0.70

  Sarah and Holly

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