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It is estimated in the UK that 8.5 million households have a pet cat (or so Google tells us). As cat owners and cat lovers ourselves we are drawn to all things feline. It seems only fair to adorn the house with tributes to our furry friends. Our pets are an important factor of our home and our home life. They are a part of the family after all. So a few pieces in the house shows appreciation and praise for our beloved companions. 

Lets be honest though, our cats do not really care if we embellish the house in their honour. The truth is they will probably end up scratching or coating any new items in a thick layer of cat hair. However, it seems we are not able to resist these kitty themed pieces.

We are the first to admit though that this might not be to everyones taste but to the 8.5 million of you out there, we think the important factor here is to use humour, joy and fun in your home. 

But on a more serious note, try using some simple, modern and graphic designs and pieces to keep this tasteful and stylish. 

Here are a few of our purrfect picks we found! (Yes we did just say that!) 

Cat lady print Not on the high street £12.50 / Cat cushion Howkapow £34 / 
Black and white double sided cushion Primark £5 / 
Cat mug Not on the high street £10 / Cat bookend H&M £7.99 / 
Cat print Etsy $5.84 / Cat tea towel Hard to find $25

  Sarah and Holly

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